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Welcome to Electrolysis Info

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Welcome to Electrolysis Info

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:26 pm

Welcome to ourbrand new forums at Electrolysis Info!

The aim of Electrolysis Info is to promote the exchange of information related to this important hair removal method inform consumers of pitfalls and scams and to address specific concerns of electrologists clients.

It is my intention to personally invite a number of professional electrologists with whom I am aquainted to read and post here. I feel that that a great many readers can benefit from their wealth of knowledge and advice. This forum is open to Electrologist and consumer alike. Some of the more savvy members may recognize your humble admin from another well known site related to permanent hair removal ( and likely a great number of members here as well). While I have nothing personal against said site, there are a couple issues there that have not been addressed, some of them serious technical issues which have seriously inhibited the ability to post and carry on discussions. Further said site has been taken over by one or two individuals that seem to work both in front and behind the scenes to promote their personal agenda's and those of certain electrology associations. This inhibits civil discussion and part of the goal of these forums is to provide a forum that is bias -free and where members feel comfortable discussing without having their credibility questioned by one or two overblown individuals.

On the subject of moderation, most will find I am for the most part uninvolved. One or two professional electrologists will be chosen for this task for me. While it may be necessary for me to step in if something gets out of hand, for the most part the chosen moderators judgement is their perogative. They were chosen because I trust their judgement.

Your humble host is Seana , who many will recognize as SeanaTG. I started in electrology as a DIY'er and have made a name for myself through tenacity and results. I now work on a semi-professional basis in Ottawa Canada, primarily for free , both frommy home and with another local professional at times from her offices. I work on primarily transgendered individuals. I am always learning more about this trade, and give full credit for my successes to the many professional electrologists who have acted as my mentors on this journey amoung them James W Walker. I have strong opinions on some things.

It will take some time to get some things the way I'd like them to be here. I'm still working on making a recent posts module appear. Please have patience while we get things going, and please please please keep the discussions civil.

Seana Very Happy Very Happy


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