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James W Walker

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James W Walker

Post by Seana on Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:34 pm

It's time I use this board for it's intended purpose! Sorry I've been so Absent of late.

So I should preface this by saying this referral is not by me, but by someone I referred to James. I talked to this person for almost a year trying to get her set p to go to buffalo, because I knew what she was looking for and James is that and so much more. So, I did send this person to James, full disclosure and all that. I owe a lot to James, he's helped me and mentored me in every way. So with that said, here's what my friend Amber had to say about her treatment this week with James:

I have just gotten home after my first appointment with James. We worked for three days, a total of 21 hours. I have already booked my next appointment week for June 15th.

First of all I have to say, he is an intelligent, articulate, polite, gentleman in a way I have not often encountered. On top of which he is genuinely handsome and attractive in every way. This is no ordinary person at all. He is also a truly sympathetic supporter of transgender people with a depth of understanding and appreciation I have never before encountered in a cis sexual man.

He went to lunch and dinner with me every day and made certain I was looked after.

Now, as regards his work.

I have a fair bit to compare to as he is the sixth person to work on me.

I'm not an expert on equipment but I can tell that everything he uses is modern and very up to date. Even his table is comfortable and I say that as someone with a bad lower back. He does not use a stupid magnifying glass, but what amounts to a microscope on a swivel.

He works precisely and with speed. Not rushed at all, just very steady. Almost robotic in the movements he makes. This is a master craftsman at the height of his skill. His claimed speed of 500-700 hairs per hour is accurate. Based on my experience about twice as fast as anyone I have ever worked with. I won't say it is painless, it's not, but the pain is tolerable bearing in mind it all gets quite tedious after 8 hours. I would never have thought it was possible to work that long in one session.

By the end of the day my skin was irritated and red. I simply slathered on pharmaceutical grade vitamin E cream and by the next morning was back to normal. I don't have one bump or mark on my skin. Unheard of.

He has my unhesitating recommendation. There may be others with his level of skill but I highly doubt there exists anyone who surpasses it.

If I were you I would drop everything your doing and beg him to apprentice you. Scrape every penny together and duplicate his set up. You would quickly become in demand and very busy.

I must thank you personally for your help with this. It is going to mean a significant improvement in the quality of my life. If I can ever return the favor please do not hesitate to contact me.

My personal contact information is

<edited for privacy reasons>

Kindest Regards and again thank-you

PS: He loves coffee crisp chocolate bars. They can't get them in the US. I'm going to send him a box in the next couple of days.

Edit by Seana: Good work James!


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