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Hairtell announcement

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Hairtell announcement

Post by Seana on Mon May 18, 2015 2:31 am

See the testing thread. Actually, there should be an announcement thread at this point.

The board is undergoing technical difficulties. Please refrain from posting any links unless they are "UBBcoded" or they wont work. Also please click on reply instead of using the quick reply at the bottom. Refrain from trying to post anything that is HTML coded, that is , either type it in directly or filter out any encoding .Links are seen as HTML unless the are UBBcoded.
At times currently just long posts wont work no matter how they are written, at others they work for no explicable reason. Andrea and her Techie are actively diagnosing and correcting the problem. Just be patient.

Oh and sorry Andrea, I just couldnt post this blurb on hairtell.It wouldnt work.


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Re: Hairtell announcement

Post by Seana on Wed May 20, 2015 4:38 am

Doubt anyone will look here now, but as of now it appears the technical issues are resolved on hairtell. Andrea and her techie worked hard and deserve all the credit. I'll probably close he hairtell threads once I know it's for sure fixed.


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