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Licensing, or Who's a professional electrologist?

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Licensing, or Who's a professional electrologist?

Post by Seana on Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:50 am

As an introductory topic for this forum, I wanted to address a couple little factoids about electrology.

For many electrology clients, there are assumptions made, that the electrologist they are working with has followed a set education path to attain the knowledge about hair removal. As a DIY'er starting out, I was constantly challenged on my authority to perform electrolysis , even on myself. There are some people who believe that every electrologist is '"Licensed" by whatever governement body does such things. There are also some electrologists who believe every person purporting to be an electrologist must belong to this or that professional electrolysis organization, most noteably, the American Electrolysis Association.

The reality is, that  only in certain places is there any form of licensing  in place to establish who, or where, can perform electrolysis.Many places have no licensing at all, or even in some countries no regulations on infection control techniques. In the country I live in, Canada, there is only one province  (Manitoba)  that has any controls over electrology whatsoever and then it isnt formal licensing, but an apprenticeship program.. Province after province has determined there was no physical or heath risks associated with electrology that mandated licensing or requirements for entry. The same is true for a number of US states though I havent researched which particular states have licensing and which ones dont because it's not relavant to whether I can perfom electrolysis here in Ontario Canada.

So Who is a professional Electrologist? How can you tell? If there's no licensing at all where you live, then the answer is simply this: A Professional Electrologist is anyone who performs electrolysis, and recieves money for it at some point. In my own case I  hardly ever charge a fee to the people I work on, due primarily to the fact that I give away 90% of my time to people who like myself are transgender, poor , and suffer dysphoria as a result. I try and help others just like myself. I do have a fee structure but I make clear to every person who gets on my table such fees are volunatary, and thet if they cannot afford them, that small donations to cover costs are appreciated, but that no payment is required to recieve treatment, they only need to show up with themselves. I would still classify myself as a professional elctrologist though, because I do perform electrolysis regularly both on myself and others, and occasionally , I get enough  money from it to cover supper that night.

So how can a consumer tell if  the electrologist is qualified to treat them, has the knowledge to treat them successfully without leaving a smoking hole in their face?  This is a question I often get on places like Reddit, or other places I post about electrology.Here are some of the ways you can tell:

#1 GET  a referral. I cant stress this enough . Ask if there is someone who has been treated by the electrologist  who can vouch for their skills or knowledge. I personally have several such people I can call on and dont mind doing so if asked, but to be honest I have only ever had one person ask if i was even licensed ( there is no licensing here, so no) and they did NOT follow up and ask for a referral.

#2 Look at their website and determine if they are a member of any professional electrolysis organizations. In the US, that would be the AEA, but only a small percentage of electrologists are AEA menbers. In canada, we have COPE , but the same is true only a small percentage of electrologists practising are members of COPE. You can also just ask the electrologist what electrolysis organizations they belong to. Also keep in mind that  just because someone belongs to an organization, DOES NOT necessarily mean they are a great electrologist,  it just increases the probability that they have  attained a certina level of education  on the subject.

#3 You can ask the elctrologist about their learning experience. The truth is, most electrolysis schools are absolutely awful in how little they educate their students.

#4 You can educate yourself enough on the subject of electrolysis so that when you ask questions you already have a good idea of what the answer might be.  If the answers you are recieving dont match up with what  you know to be the case, then that electrologist may not be the best choice.

Some of the more astute amoung you may have realized there is an "Electrologists Only"  section to this board, and possibly that you may or may not have access to either view the posts or post there. Yes there is a reason for this. There are occasions where electrologists discuss things that the average consumer may not necessarily understand or may even adversely affect their perception of electrology simply because  they dont understand the relative terms or what is being discussed. Anyone who performs electrology, be they DIY'er or  registed CPE , can join this subforum by contacting me and I will add them to the appropriate access groups. It's there to provide a forum for those who practise the art to do so, without fear they are inadvertently or adversely affecting the opinions of clients or potential clients.


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