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How did you learn DIY? Where do you get equipment from?

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How did you learn DIY? Where do you get equipment from?

Post by Seana on Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:31 am

On occasion I get questions on DIY or professional electrolysis from other sources, that I feel its worth archiving here for posterity. I had one such question today when putting the link for this board out on Reddit:

Ooh. You'll need to provide some more info on how you learned DIY/where you got equipment.

So, Here's the answer:

Absolutely! Actually this is a topic I'll be covering on the forums in much greater detail, but I'll give a brief rundown:

I learned how to perform electrology both from a number of online resources , hard books ( as opposed to e-books) , and via discussions with a great number of Professional electrologists. Amoung my mentors, are James W Walker, Beate Ritzert ( another TG electrologist) Dee Hafey, and several others. And from lots and lots of practise, at first just on myself but shortly thereafter on a number of other transgendered individuals in my local community.

For books, online resources I can recommend the following resources :

Milady's Hair Removal Guide ( Physical book with a british author,that covers all aspects of electrology from skin and follicle physiology through to marketing services. It's on google books.)

Electrolysis Thermolysis and the blend ( written by Hinkel, one of the more prominent electrology teachers of the last century. Published in 1968 it's an oldie, but contains many of the theories and techniques that are still in use today and is very in-depth.

The Sterex Academy: Sterex is a manufacturer of electrolysis equipment and probes. They have an online resource that teaches some of the basics of insertion of the probe and the basics of electrolysis techniques. While not as in-depth as some of the other resources, it is an excellent starting point for new electrologists and I learned a lot from it early on.

As for equipment, I get my equipment from a number of sources: Kijiji : is where I bought my first, and second machine from. Also my optical loop, my bench and a few other odds and sodds. Electrologists enter and leave the business all the time, and Kijiji and Craigslist often have machines for sale. Also electrologists upgrade their equipment frequently , but the technology to perform electrolysis hast changed much in 100 years, so there tends to be a lot of machines unused that either collect dust in a closet or are sold on the used market. They also seem to come up on ebay on occasion, but the prices on ebay tend to be higher.I find a glut of electrolysis equipment comes from kijiji in quebec, nearly 5 times as in any other area, so if you speak french and arent afraid of paying for shipping, then I highly recommend looking on kijiji quebec.

Dectro International: Dectro is a manufaturer and distributor of electrolysis equipment,and also has some electrolysis education programs. Their flagship line is Apilus one of the most respected brands in the industry.I've had no problems ordering from them.

Texas Electrolysis Supply: TES is a full service electrolysis supply house.They sell probes, tweezers, machines , sterilization equipment, and just about everything else. They have an online ordering system that lists and describes every product they sell. I generally call them though to place an order, because the sales professional Jennifer who works in their office is one of the best people I have ever worked with and has answered each and every one of my questions promptly and efficiently. I have only one criticism of TES, and it's not their fault, Ballet has forbidden them to ship Ballet probes to canada, so I if I HAVE to have ballet probes,I order from Dectro.I generally get around this by using Sterex probes from TES which they can ship to canada


I expect I will be adding to this. I have a small list of resources that I have gathered up, and when I find more time I will post them here.


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